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King Song S18

King Song S18

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  • Model: KS S18
  • Factory speed: 25km/h (offroad 50km/h)
  • Autonomy: 80km
  • Weight: 22kg.
  • Maximum load: 120 kg.
  • Tire Diameter: 18"3
  • Charging time: 6 hours
  • Power: 2200 nominal, 4400 peak
  • Battery: 1110wh
  • Trolley: yes
  • shock absorber: yes
  • Usb: 3.0
  • Voltage: 84v
  • Dimensions: 59x50x18cm
  • Certificate: CE
  • Warranty: 2 years


A nominal 2200W motor, which reaches 4400W peak power. Offering more security, for the most daring drivers.


King Song's first wheel with a damping system that opens up a whole new world of possibilities. This system also provides much more security to the rider against any obstacle that is found by surprise.


This model is equipped with a high-end 1110Wh LG brand battery, which allows us a range of up to 80km.

With this wheel you will have hours of fun until the next load.


The 18-inch tire with a large 3″ wide ball will make your outings a total enjoyment thanks to its stability and comfort. This size of tire gives this wheel stability by cushioning every imperfection on your way.


The KS S18 incorporates a central trolley as in the rest of its models for a very comfortable transport and with a stop button.


This wheel reinvents lighting on electric unicycles. It incorporates a three-position front light that will make you forget to carry extra lights. It also has two rear lights that turn into turn signals.


This KS S18 unicycle has a 2-year Motor and Motherboard warranty. 1 year warranty on the Battery (extreme use of the battery or handling of it completely voids the warranty). 6 month warranty on the Telescopic Handle and 3 months on the parts that wear the most, such as the bumper, side plastics, pedal rubbers, lights and switches.


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