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Mten3 V3

Mten3 V3

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  • Factory Speed : 25km/h(offroad 35km/h
  • Range :40km
  • Weight : 10kg
  • Maximum load : 80kg
  • Tire Diameter :10″ 3
  • Charging time :3.5hours
  • Power : 800w rated
  • Battery :512wh
  • trolly :yes
  • Speakers : no
  • usb :yes
  • Voltage :84v
  • Dimensions : 29x15x45
  • Certificate : CE
  • Warranty : 2 years


This little beast is a wolf in sheep's clothing. With its 800w and such a small wheel diameter, it is unrivaled in its category. We are undoubtedly facing the most powerful wheel, with instant acceleration that will make its use tremendously fun anywhere, no matter how small.


This model is equipped with a very powerful and compact battery from the Sanyo brand (512wh). Very necessary for the tremendous accelerations and that give you about 40km of real autonomy of pure adrenaline.

This model has a very special tire. Since unlike the other Gotway models, it is the only one that does not have a camera. It is what is known as tubeless. This makes it possible to fix punctures without disassembling the wheel. It also shares a 3” wide tire like its older sisters, which means that with its only 10” it allows you to almost stand still in balance without moving.
It is undoubtedly the perfect wheel to have fun and practice all kinds of tricks.

telescopic handle
It has a telescopic suitcase-type handle on the back of the case that turns this unicycle into a mini suitcase but can be removed if you are not going to use it at some point.

It has a long-range front light and rear position lights.


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